Step Write Up

Step Write Up


Step Write Up provides hands-on exercises for teachers in the classroom and for any workshop leader teaching collaboration and writing skills. This book is the result of creative and collaborative personal and professional endeavors from the two past decades. As a duo of left-brain and right-brain individuals who studied Mechanical Engineering and liberal arts and Sixteenth-Century British Literature, we have always managed to cross the wires in our heads and take a Renaissance approach to life and work. We've held jobs in submarine construction and as engineering managers for Fortune 500 companies. We've been teachers at the high school and college levels. We've conducted workshops for all age groups on topics of communication, writing, and collaboration. We've collaborated and published twenty-seven works of fiction and one of nonfiction. And we've raised two sons. So, what have we learned over the years that is worth sharing with you? We have included exercises on communication and collaboration in this volume that we've used in our classrooms and workshops. You will find lessons on writing poetry and creative nonfiction and fiction. At the end of this volume, there are a number of articles that we've penned over the years on the topics of writing, publishing, and collaboration. Aside from their usefulness, these are also listed here for your entertainment, as well. We hope you can put this collection to good use. Jan Coffey

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Jan Coffey, James A McGoldrick
Paperback | 122 pages
203 x 254 x 7mm | 259g
Publication date
12 Nov 2009
May McGoldrick Books
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Illustrations, black and white