The Human Show : Through the Eyes of Just One Man

The Human Show : Through the Eyes of Just One Man


"The Human Show" is a collection of poignant and eloquent poetry about a variety of riveting, vital matters. The book is split into chapters and includes poetry that is enlightening and inspiring as well as poetry that is disheartening and empathy provoking. The reader will go on a personal journey in which their values, opinions, and perspectives on many things in life may be challenged. This is especially true in the poetry about worldly issues. This chapter includes pieces on child abuse, terrorism, domestic violence, inequality, apathy, drunk driving, and many other unfortunate realities that humanity as a whole faces today. Poetry about the human experience, the psyche, and philosophy will inspire the reader to think outside of the box and expand on the stale, monotonous thought processes that today's society has confined us to. The poetry will remind the reader of how amazing it is simply being alive and ignite a new curious aspiration to discover how and why we lead our lives the way that we do. The writings about love and relationships will allow the reader to delve into infinite wonder about life's most captivating and powerful emotion: love. This poetry tells of how brilliant and enthralling the experience of falling in love can be, as well as how painstaking and demoralizing losing a love can be. The reader will become enticed and aroused, as they experience the sensual ambience of these alluring and stimulating poems about lust and desire. The passionate ecstasy of finally embracing a mate you have longed pined for, is nothing short of invigorating. Lastly, the poetry about nature and earth will soothe and bestow upon the reader a serene contentment, as they partake in reading these artistic, dynamic pieces about how remarkable and beautiful the natural world truly is.

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Available Format


Sean S. Findlay
Hardback | 252 pages
152 x 229 x 17mm | 527g
Publication date
07 Jan 2011
Publication City/Country
Bloomington, United States
Illustrations note
black & white illustrations