Perception Is Reality

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Agent Tiki Gibbs, 25 year veteran of The Agency - a super-secret government group that specializes in finding people who do not wish to be found - receives a message in the form of a simple piece of paper in a windstorm. The notecard only says, "I'm Searching For You." Agent Gibbs, as levelheaded and grounded as they come, looked upon the message warily. Maybe it was nothing more than simple human curiosity that got him to make that initial inquiry. Maybe it was the oddity that the message kept changing in his hands, sometimes adding a picture of an island paradise, other times adding ten simple digits - a phone number in Hawaii. But mostly it was the fact that only HE could see the message. No one else, not even his girlfriend, Christiana, could see anything other than a blank piece of paper. Making that phone call started Agent Gibbs off on the biggest manhunt of his career, a search that takes him across the country looking for 96 escapees of the Perception Is Reality Project. Where those escapees are going is not the big question... Where they have come from... IS!

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Fred Gibson Jr
Paperback | 502 pages
133 x 203 x 26mm | 517g
Publication date
14 Aug 2013
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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