20something : A Look Back

20something : A Look Back


The twenties was the ultimate change is perspective for how I viewed the world. I was no longer blinded by naivete of adolescence or even optimism of childhood. I was forced to face many facts that I already knew of, yet hadn't quite swallowed as my reality. Despite the hindrances of being black female, I no longer saw it as such. I began to realize the power in it, and celebrated the diversity of my hair, the beauty in my skin, and the amazement of being able to code-switch in such a way that I could interact with anyone from anywhere. I realized that the varied perspectives I have on life and my personal experiences made me palatable for a wide variety of people despite my skin color. It made me feel that much more empowered. Being a twenty-something is an experience like no other. You truly come into your own, and become a person that is no longer just seen as a student of the child or sibling or someone. Your presence becomes felt and you become your own idealistic version of yourself, despite the trips and trials that life bestows upon you. It's a journey that's truly a blessing. But I'll be honest, I'm glad to now be thirty.

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Lori Goldson
Paperback | 80 pages
152 x 229 x 5mm | 127g
Publication date
16 Nov 2015
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