Celeste Review

Celeste Review

Incredible platforming, innumerable secrets, and emotionally genuine story make this a surprising stand-out triumph.

CELESTE – Professional Review

This is a professional review of Celeste, not a Let’s Play. I’m excited to be making reviews now. Thanks for watching!

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Celeste makes me go insane


3D Model @ 0:27 made by: https://twitter.com/N_ess105 and animated by: https://twitter.com/Sparky1j


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Celeste – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Is climbing a giant mountain worth it in Celeste? Find out in our review of this platformer on Nintendo Switch!
Review by: Jordan Van Glish
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Celeste Switch Review Video

Celeste is perfect on the Nintendo Switch, check out my full review to find out why. This is a special indie title that highlights just how wonderful the Switch is as a portable gaming machine.

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