Ghost Types – Phasmophobia Guide


Ghost Types – Phasmophobia Guide

There are 20 different types of Ghosts in Phasmophobia – Banshee, Demon, Goryo, Hantu, Jinn, Mare, Myling, Obake, Oni,Onryo, Phantom, Poltergeist, Raiju,

Ghost Behaviour Guide – How to Identify Ghosts On Nightmare! (Phasmophobia)

In Nightmare mode ghosts will only provide you with two of their three pieces of evidence, leaving you choosing between three or four different ghost types. You will need to use the ghost’s unique behaviours in order to identify them.

In this video I go over each combination of evidences you may get, which ghosts that leaves you choosing between, and how best to determine which ghost it actually is.

Previously I did this over here but this video quickly became outdated when they introduced the DOTS Projector and new ghosts!

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How ghosts work in Phasmophobia!

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All Ghost Types & Abilities Explained – Phasmophobia Guide 2022


Welcome to my latest ghost types explained guide, updated for 2022. In this video I’ll be talking about every ghost type and their powers, hidden abilities, strengths, weaknesses, quirks, etc. as well as giving tips on tricks on how to deal with them. I hope you find it helpful.

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Spirit
01:09 Wraith
02:58 Phantom
04:47 Poltergeist
05:56 Banshee
07:29 Jinn
08:55 Mare
09:57 Revenant
11:37 Shade
12:34 Demon
14:00 Yurei
15:37 Oni
16:54 Yokai
18:21 Hantu
19:57 Goryo
21:15 Myling
22:28 Onryo
24:08 The Twins
26:55 Raiju
29:19 Obake
31:23 The Mimic
33:49 Outro

All Ghost Types & All (Hidden) Abilities Explained! – Complete Guide for Phasmophobia

Welcome to the COMPLETE Ghost Guide for Phasmophobia! In this video I will explain every ghost: this means their weakness, Strength, Abilities, Hidden Abilites, and any other special behaviour they have! I have played this game for almost 1500 hours and I have followed every single update. I haven’t made a big guide like this in a very long time so HERE YOU GO! I really hope you enjoy! Much love and see you during the streams 😀

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Intro 00:00
Spirit 2:25
Yokai 5:04
Wraith 10:49
Hantu 19:09
Phantom 25:41
Goryo 32:32
Poltergeist 38:37
Myling 43:52
Banshee 49:55
Onryo 57:45
Jinn 1:06:13
The Twins 1:14:05
Mare 1:20:56
Raiju 1:24:49
Revenant 1:30:16
Obake 1:36:02
Shade 1:40:38
Demon 1:44:41
Yurei 1:49:48
Oni 1:53:57
The Mimic 1:57:49

NOTE: This video was recorded on Phasmophobia update v0.5.1.2